Wholesale Steering Wheel Cover

A best seller of Steering Wheel Cover

Wholesale Steering Wheel Cover is made of deluxe PU. At the beginning, we developed this product for ladies and girls. Eventually we found this is an amazing model both for ladies and gentlemen. Most of customers prefer this product because of the elegant design, nice color match and perfect sewing details.  Red with black is the highlight of this product. Of course, we can also use other colors to match, such as all black.Black with blue, or brown with black, they are other better choices. It’s open to discuss with you.

We have many similar styles, but this Wholesale Steering Wheel Cover is very popular. If you like Real Leather, tell us and we can also use leather to make this style.

Car Steering Wheel Cover is our most basic product line. So far, we have become one of the most advantageous suppliers in the industry. Every month there are new product development, and for long-term qualified customers, we constantly recommend our new products. Most of our customers have achieved great success with our new products.

Product Size

Generally, the diameter of 38 cm is the most conventional size. This size is suitable for most cars. In the U.S. market, some customers also like 39cm as the main size. If you need Steering Wheel Cover for buses and trucks, we have more sizes for you to choose from, such as 40cm, 45cm and 50cm.

Quality Assurance

We always regard quality as the life of the enterprise, which is also the basis of establishing long-term cooperation with customers. Therefore, we have been committed to the establishment of quality system from the beginning, and established corresponding quality standards for all products. From raw materials to finished products, we have strict inspection specifications, which can ensure that all our products are qualified.

Watch the mass production below:

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