Waterproof Anti-Slip Car Seat Cushion

Waterproof Anti-Slip Car Seat Cushion

Waterproof Anti-Slip Car Seat Cushion is made of breathable PU leather and high quality Fabric,  it makes your car seat or chair much more comfortable. The foam lamination inside keeps the cushion shape, and reduce the coccyx pressure. Waterproof Anti-Slip Car Seat Cushion protects your car seat against dirt, wearing, indentations, scratches, and it always keeps your car seat in good condition.

Non-Slip backing will keep the seat cushion in the place, prevent the seat cushion falling off. It is a wonderful cushion not only at home and in car, but also at office.  In addition, the cushion can enhance the stability of the seat cushion.

The size of this product is suitable for most cars, including SUV, car and truck. The elastic belt, plastic buckle and metal hook on the product can help you install conveniently.  When there is a little stain on PU Leather, it can be easily cleaned with a wet towel. If you want to clean the whole product, it only takes a few seconds to take it off.

More Products

When you need a new look in your car, our Seat Cushion allows you to do so. At the same time, we also provide other Car Accessories, such as Car Steering Wheel Cover, Car Floor Mats, Sun Shade and Car Organizer.  If you like, we would make these different products into the same style, so the interior decoration effect will be amazing. Moreover, as a dealer, it will greatly increase your Sales Volume.  In addition, we have hundreds of different Car Wiper Blades for you to choose from.

Watch our mass production below:

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