Universal Car Cover

Wholesale Car Factory Silver Coated Dust Proof SUV Sedan Cover is Universal and fit for most cars.

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Weatherproof car cover provides a universal fit; works with almost any sedan up to 210 inches long;protects against outdoor elements, like damaging UV rays, dust, dirt, wind, rain, snow, ice, and tree debris

Multi-functional PE, PEVA, aluminum film, and cotton material (PE and EVA for waterproof and dustproof protection, aluminum film for sun and UV protection, and a soft cotton lining for scratch protection)
Sewn-in elastic band (front and rear of the cover) ensures a snug fit; fastening straps with adjustable buckles (front, middle and rear of the cover) ensure extra-secure placement, even on windy days
2 mirror pockets for optimal coverage; door zipper for easy in/out access on the driver’s-seat side; option of reflective stripes for clear visibility after dark

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