Red Design Steering Wheel Cover

Red Design Steering Wheel Cover is made of Red stitching and Red PVC.

New Red Design Steering Wheel Cover is made of Red PVC material, matching with perforated soft PU and perfect details on stitching.
What are the features of this product?
Firstly, it Creates a sports and uniqure style with red stitching lines.
Secondly, this item has a Wonderful hand feeling with the foam lamination inside.
In conclusion, it is A successful model of car Steering Wheel Cover for the global markets.

Originally we designed this Red Design Steering Wheel Cover for women. Later, we found that many male customers also like this style very much.

Basically diameter 38cm is the regular size for car steering wheel covers.
If you need bigger sizes for bus or truck, we have other sizes for you, such as 40cm, 42cm, 45cm, 47cm and 50cm.

At the beginning of cooperation, quality is an important concern.
The quality of our products is the soul of our company and the basis of our cooperation with customers. We have a complete set of quality management system, from raw materials to semi-finished products, and then to finished products, there are quality inspection standards. In this way, we can ensure that all the products can meet the quality requirements.

Watch our mass production:

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