Leather Steering Wheel Cover

Leather Car Steering Wheel Cover is made by Lonsign company as a qualifed product.

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This Leather Steering Wheel Cover is one of the most successful items in the leather line. We create this item with genuine leather, matching the wooden PVC material. Moreover the wooden PVC is the highlight of the product design, because we adopt luxury wooden PVC, not the normal.

Leather Steering Wheel Cover is our advantage. Many other factories can make leather products, but the quality is average. Our products are of high quality, elegant appearance and perfect details.

Regular size with diameter 38cm is suitable for most of cars.
We can also make different sizes, such as 39cm, 40cm, 42cm, 45cm, 47cm and 50cm for different vehicle, bus, and truck.

If you need high quality, eco-friendly TPE core or virgin rubber ring will be great for you.
If you need competitive price and normal quality, we suggest black recyle rubber ring as the product core.

We have a perfect quality system, from raw materials to semi-finished products, and then to packaging products, for different product models, there are corresponding quality standards. At the same time, most of our workers have more than five years of work experience, and new employees need to be trained and qualified before they can start to work. In this way, we can ensure that all products meet the quality standards.

Watch the mass production of our steering wheel covers below:


Leather steering wheel cover

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