Hail Car Cover

Hail Car Cover

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Hail Car Cover protects your vehicle from hail, frost, rain, dust, snow and heat in all seasons. It is a heavy and great protector all the time. The resistant waterproof fabrics make this car cover unique and wonderful quality.
We make this product with Special lines and soft plush, plus non abrasive backing fabric.
In conclusion, it provides the vehichle Fully protection from harm and sunrays.

If you are willing to pay a slightly higher price than the ordinary style, you will find that this Hail Car Cover is a fully functional car cover. It provides adequate protection for the vehicle in any weather condition.

Generally, our products are of conventional universal size, it’s suitable for ordinary small vehicles. If you have different product size requirements, please let us know to customize the appropriate product size.

From the beginning of the business, we focus on quality construction and management. At present, we have established a complete Quality Assurance system with corresponding quality standards. Every product is subject to strict quality inspection, that ensures every product is qualified. Moreover, our staff are skilled workers. For the New employees, We train them and test them before they start to work.

Lead time is normally 30 to 35 days. It takes a little longer in the peak season. Please contact us and inform the complete requirement when you need purchase the products.

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