Color Changing Steering Wheel Cover

Color Changing Steering Wheel Cover

Color Changing Steering Wheel Cover is a wonderful product. It changes color by itself in the sun from white to red or yellow, amazing! If you prefer blue or pink, it’s available to make it happen.  This is one of the Newest models in 2021 we develop.  The inspiration is from the clothes material. As you know, clothes adopt lots of different material including this color changing PU. Then we work out this Color Changing Steering Wheel Cover.

Product Size Available

As a leading manufacturer, we produce a full range of product sizes. For the normal car, the diameter 38cm and 39cm are good to fix.  Meanwhile, there are many other sizes for the truck and bus, including 40cm, 42cm, 45cm, 50cm in diameter.

More Steering Wheel Cover Models

Lonsign develops new products almost every month. We are happy to make the new samples as per the customers’ requirement.  By now, we have shown over 100 different models on our company site.  Whatever you find in your markets, Lonsign is able to produce for you.

Quality Assurance

As a professional Auto Accussories manufacturer since 1996, we have a very perfect quality management system. For different products, we have established corresponding quality standards. We have strict quality standards from raw materials to semi-finished products and then to finished products. We always believe that only reliable and stable quality is the guarantee of our long-term operation.

Watch the video about this wonderful product below

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