As a Car Accessories Supplier, Ningbo Lonsign Auto Accessories Co., Ltd. (Lonsign Industry Co., Ltd) is a professional manufacturer since 1996.  Starting from Car Steering Wheel Covers and Car Organizer, we soon extended to Wiper Blades as Lonsign Wiper Blade Co., Ltd.  Nowadays we provide full range of Auto Accessosries, including Car Sunshade, Seat Cushion, Car Floor Mats, Car Cover and related Auto Accessories.

For every product category, we have a wide range of product styles and models. At the same time, we develop new styles every month and recommend them to our valued customers.  A lot of customers have achieved great success with our new product models. 

We train every new worker, and only after passing the examination, they can start to work.  At present, most of our workers have more than five years of working experience. As we know,  Stable staff and skilled experience effectively ensure the quality of our products.

The quality of products is the soul of our company. This is also the basis of our cooperation with all our customers.  For all products, we have perfect quality standards and quality control system. From raw materials, packaging materials, to semi-finished products and packaged finished products, we have established quality standards.  When starting a new order, we confirm the pre-production sample before mass production. In the production process, we do routing inspection all the time. At the beginning of packaging, we conduct sampling inspection or full inspection for different products.  In this way, we ensure that all our products are up to the quality standard.

We have experienced business sales team to provide fast and professional services.  From the beginning of the order, to the production process, to the shipment, our sales are always here to support the customers in time. 

Now Lonsign has become a leading Car Accessories Supplier with its high quality and excellent service. We has achieved good market globally.  Please don’t hesitabe to contact us if you have any questions on the product or service. 

lonsign workshop

Who we are

We are the leading manufacturer of innovative aftermarket automotive accessories!

Our mission

Our team of experts continues to create a wide range of products featuring new and advanced methods in automotive accessories.

Our workers

Most of the workers have more than five years of work experience, and we regularly train and assess new employees.

Lonsign strives to support our customers to succeed, then we succeed!

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